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Shingle ROOFing 

Shingle roofing is still, by far, the most popular used roofing material in the South East.  We typically install 2 different types of shingles: 25 year 3 tab shingles; 30 year architect shingles.  We recommend one brand, but will install any particular product you want.  The shingles are rated for there warranty (25 yr. and 30 yr).  But there are also designer shingles types that offer 50 year warranty, but typically cost twice as much, ask their pricing.  All of these shingles may offer different types manufacture's warranty but the offer the same Weather Shield Workmanship warranty!

You call or schedule your estimate online, and we'll come out and measure your roof and count all materials you'll need to replace, and then the choice is yours on type, colors, and options. You can see those in detail below.

Step 1: Select the type of shingle

25 year 3-tab shingle sample
25 YR 3 TAB Shingles
  • Offers 25 year warranty

  • Basic grade shingles

  • Low Cost grade product

  • Various colors

  • $65 per SQ average (varies) *

*Call and check for most up to date pricing

30 YR Architectural Shingles
  • Longer lasting of the two conventional shingle types offered

  • Premium look adding depth, dimension, and CURB APPEAL.

  • More colors offered

  • 2 Shingles are laminated together for added durability.

  • $75 per SQ average (varies) *

Step 2: Select Color of shingle

Below are some examples of the colors we offer.  This is recommended brand and colors offered by them.  We can install any type or brand asphalt shingle you may request, including designer asphalt shingles types and styles. Some colors are only offered in 25yr. 3-tab (ELITE GLASS-SEAL) and some only offered in 30yr. Architectural (HERITAGE).

25 year 3-tab Colors
30 year Architectural Colors
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